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Mediterranean diet enriched with olive oil



Tested for thousands of years Mediterranean food has been acclaimed internationally, not only for its wide variety (fish, rice, beans, meat, olive oil) but also for the health benefits and many properties it exerts.

Mediterranean diet has been associated in several studies with a significant amelioration of multiple risk factors, including among some of them a better cardiovascular risk profile, reduced oxidative stress and modulation of inflammation [12]. Image left: See credits under ref. [4] below.


Family: Oleaceae

Genus: Olea

Common name: Olives



The most commonly used herbs in Mediterranean diet are:

among many others, but if something can be identified as an integral part of the Mediterranean diet is olives, and even more olive oil.

Mediterranean diet can be identified in high consumption of fruits and vegetables, olive oil as the principal source of fat, low consumption of meat and dairy products and moderate consumption of wine [12].

Now, a study reveals other properties that relate to its benefits for bone formation. 

The intake of olive oil has been related to the prevention of osteoporosis [13], however it hasn't been until now that a study on the subject has confirmed how the consumption of a Mediterranean diet enriched with virgin olive oil for 2 years is associated with increased serum osteocalcin, a bone-building protein, and P1NP concentrations, suggesting protective effects on bones [13].

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