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Growing bigger trees faster


Deforestation has been a problem ever since increasing demands couldn't be met via sustainable systems, but we shall realize renewable resources are key for a sustainable system.

The increasing demands of these natural resources, together with the recovery time that it takes trees to grow have forced the industry to find new sources of supply.

A good example of this is Amazon forest. In the past 40 years, the Amazon rain forest has lost 20 percent of its total surface and the worst is still to come, but this can't continue without having a disastrous impact on sustainability. 

Fortunately, it is not all bad news, scientists and researchers from the University of Manchester have discovered a way to make trees grow bigger and faster, which could increase supplies of renewable resources and help trees cope with the effects of climate change [1]. Image: See credits under reference [2] below. 


The way this has been achieved seems simple, two genes that control the growth of a tree trunk, when over-expressed, get the trees grew twice as fast as normal, being also taller, wider and with more leaves [1].

Imagine the impact of such discovery, if we could compare a forest with a production line, halving the time it takes to produce the resources we could eventually reduce the impact that growing wood production demands have in deforestation.


[1] Flourishing faster: how to make trees grow bigger and quicker
[1] Pixibay image  Pixibay image under Public Domain License CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) License.