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Tasteful tomatoes, not anymore?


Nature will never stop amazing me, from the strange charm of carnivorous plants to the breathtaking beauty of the most amazing flowers on earth. When I was a child I grew up in a very little village where I used to be surrounded by nature and its wonders, I never thought that had anything special. 

Later on I moved to a big city and realized most of the things I gave for granted were in fact a gift that would hardly ever be back. Don't get me wrong, as a child I was also amazed by some of the things I found in that big city, a huge school with hundreds of children the start up of the computer world and the internet, skyscrapers and cinemas, yeah, what an amazing world, or not?

Well, this first impression and attracting charm only lasted for a few years. In my adulthood started to miss many things as the snow, the salads, what about the salads? I never got back that taste I got from my village tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, it tasted nothing. In my village I used to have large, colorful, tasty tomatoes just with salt and pepper and they tasted simply great. In fact years later I learned I wasn't the only one thinking that, German consumers called Dutch industrially grown tomatoes "Wasserbomben" or water bombs for their lack of taste. Image: Pà amb tomàquet by Joan Grifols under Creative Common license (CC BY-SA 2.0). 


Family: Solanaceae

Genus: Solanum

Common name: Tomato