Is ripe fruit healthier?


If you ever asked yourself the question "Is ripe fruit healthier?" Almost everyone would agree that in some sense we all think it is. Ripe fruit is attractive, delightful, refreshing, it's full of sweet juices and has an incredible flavour that lets your senses come alive showering them with the sensation of flavour perceived by your mouth.

Yes ripe fruit invites you to see, smell, touch and taste, it awakens your senses, but is it really healthier? Let's have a look. Image: See credits under ref. [12] below.

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Your new tyres may be made of dandelion rubber


Around 25 million tonnes of rubber is produced each year to cover the world needs of that substance [1]. Approximately 42 percent of this amount corresponds to natural rubber [1], being the rest synthetic rubber.

Now a group of scientists and researchers seem to have found a solution for it in dandelion. Image: See credits under ref. [5] below. 


Family: Asteraceae

Genus: Taraxacum

Common name: Russian andelion

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The role of telomeres in plants


Telomeres are short groups of repeated nucleotides that serve as protection for chromosomes. You can think of them as the protective end cups that serve as a way of preserving chromosomes from damage and prevent their fusion with neighbouring chromosomes [2].

Image: See credits under ref. [5] below.

TELOMERES: Short groups of repeated nucleotides that serve as protection for chromosomes.

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Japanese Kampo


Traditional Japanese medicine (Kampo), originates from ancient China, in spite compared to traditional Chinese medicine, Kampo opts for a more simplistic approach when treating patients with traditional herbal remedies. 

Kampo has been Japanese primary health care system for over 1500 years prior to the Meiji Restoration (1868–1912) [7]. Nowadays Kampo has seamlessly integrated with modern medicine in daily practice and physicians can prescribe up to 148 different herbal Kampo formulas under the national health insurance system [7], something that is unique in Japan compared to the rest of the world.

Traditional Japanese medicine Kampo bases the treatment and healing of affections based on the symptoms of those affections. Image: See credits under ref. [9] below.

KAMPO: Traditional Japanese medicine

Growing bigger trees faster


Deforestation has been a problem ever since increasing demands couldn't be met via sustainable systems, but we shall realize renewable resources are key for a sustainable system.

The increasing demands of these natural resources, together with the recovery time that it takes trees to grow have forced industry to find new sources of supply.

A good example of this is Amazon forest. In the past 40 years the Amazon rain forest has lost 20 per cent of its total surface and the worst is still to come, but this can't continue without having a disastrous impact on sustainability. 

Fortunately its not all bad news, scientists and researchers from the University of Manchester have discovered a way to make trees grow bigger and faster, which could increase supplies of renewable resources and help trees cope with the effects of climate change [1]. Image: See credits under reference [2] below.