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With less than 2 percent of the Earth's total surface, the rain forest hosts more than 50 percent of the Earth's plants. The US National Cancer Institute (NCI) calculated in approximately 70 percent the anti-cancer plants identified in the rain forest, and certainly many more waiting to be discovered, but with the current levels of deforestation rain forest will probably not be there anymore in one or two generations.  
In Herbcyclopedia we will try to bring you information on herbs, plants and natural resources so that you can understand better how we can influence with our day to day actions how the world will look like in a few years from now and how could nature possibly help our children and ourselves to solve some of the existing problems on Earth.. 


An exhaustive list of herbs and plants with their main characteristics.

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Our natural news blog with information on herbs, plants and other information on nature.

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Active constituents

Did you ever wonder why some plants exert some properties and others not? The answer may be in their active constituents.

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